Merchant Boost | How We Do It
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How We Do It

MerchantBoost’s innovative technology unlocks actionable insights from payment instrument data.

We help lenders fill the gap between real-time, live data and historical information to improve their marketing, underwriting, and collections.  Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data, advanced scoring analytics, and exclusive relationships with financial service providers, we provide products and services that address today’s business challenges.


Our unique point of difference stems directly from our network of financial institutions, thousands of digital sources, and proprietary data science algorithms.

We leverage data from our network of over 100 data suppliers to verify identity, fight fraud and reduce risk with live data. Unlike databases that rely on historical records, live data validates rather than predicts, reveals instead of guesses, and fills the gap in historical data, to unlock actionable insights.


Introducing Scio™, the platform for revolutionizing data

Move from real-time to live data with our Scio™ technology that leverages advanced analytics to calibrate decision making rather than relying solely on aged and static, historical databases.

Scio uses robust artificial intelligence to extract Insights from online, FinTech, RegTech and PayTech data, so businesses can make better decisions and utilize data attributes more effectively.

Scio enables businesses to understand their customers, responding to their needs with tailored solutions and personalized, adaptive experiences throughout the lending lifecycle including, marketing, application, qualification, verification, underwriting, decisioning, account review, and more.