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Merchant Boost is the live data solution provider equipping financial service companies with solutions that fill the gap between historical, real-time and live data information, to improve marketing, underwriting, and collections. We are transforming fintech with innovative payment instrument data and solutions, increasing credit access to the financially underserved, and reducing processing fees for borrowers and creditors.
Consumer lending, underwriting, payments, processing, financial technology, payment instrument
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  By Adam DiVeroli  What if I told you that you are using bank aggregation inefficiently? As the technological landscape evolves and more data is readily available, having the access to data is not enough. You need to know your data, the technology that creates it, and how and when to use it to really harness the full power.

By Jesse Berger We had a great session presenting about artificial intelligence and machine learning at the OLA conference last week. It was a...

Washington, DC | July 31- August 1, 2018 The Compliance University is OLA’s annual event providing insights, resources and actionable takeaways to enhance and implement compliance programs. Merchant Boost's COO, Jesse Berger and CDO, Thomas Brandenburger, will be speaking on a panel discussing AI and ML and the implications for underwriting. Today's algorithms and predictive analytics are more commonly used for underwriting scoring methods based off of linear models. AI/ML introduces the possibility of more random methodologies that are potentially more powerful than customary scoring models. Check out their panel to find out what AI/ML is , the potential benefits, and how the use of these methodologies may increase challenges for lenders and consumers, Tuesday, July 31, 2:15pm.
  By Adam DiVeroli & Tara Kumar What if you had an unparalleled, full-detail view of the consumer with visibility into their bank account, including expenses and transactions? Payment instrument data provides this powerful and indispensable access, integral for decisioning, underwriting, verification, and payment processes. 
By Noah Fitzgerald, CPP Lenders are missing significant opportunities: There are good borrowers that are declined and there are approved applicants that never originate. Considerable time and money is spent on finding and buying leads that are not converted. Declining good business results in lost revenue and loss of a good client. Approximately 5 – 15% of all approvals never convert to an origination and 30-60% of all applicants are declined. These problems exist due to the lack of data available on the borrower. Traditional data on the borrower places them into a decline or a higher risk profile.  Lenders’ scoring and risk models put the borrower outside of approval guidelines. So, how can a lender convert more of the approved apps and safely approve more of the declines?
Miami, FL | April 16-19, 1028 The Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) is the leading national association representing non-bank lenders that offer small-dollar credit products and other financial services.