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Merchant Boost is the live data solution provider equipping financial service companies with solutions that fill the gap between historical, real-time and live data information, to improve marketing, underwriting, and collections. We are transforming fintech with innovative payment instrument data and solutions, increasing credit access to the financially underserved, and reducing processing fees for borrowers and creditors.
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Bank Connect

Introducing Bank Connect

Get Name and Account Number from the Bank in Half the Time

Merchant Boost is proud to announce Bank Connect. This is NOT a full bank aggregation product. Bank Connect reduces the full bank aggregation process into a quick, user friendly experience, and only returns the data you want: name on the account, bank routing, and bank account number.

Reduce customer abandonment, application fatigue and increase ROI

Bank Connect enables you to collect and verify your customers’ financial information quickly and securely. We have developed this specialized technology to cut users’ wait time by half and deliver more seamless experiences while accurately authenticating identity and bank account information.


For full bank aggregation, see our Bank Boost product.

Verify bank accounts in seconds!

Other bank account aggregators can take minutes, even days!

Safeguard against risk, increase customer adoption, and boost engagement with identity and bank account verification.

Customized Technology

Bank Connect is specially designed to reduce the wait time user’s spend during the process by limiting returned data just to bank account, routing number, and name.  You also have the flexibility to verify either the name or account number, giving you the data you want.

Best Bank Coverage

Bank Connect has the greatest coverage of all bank account aggregators on the market. We guarantee name, routing, account number, and addresses from over 1500 banks. We have all of the major banks covered.

Reduced Friction

Bank Connect reduces the wait time user’s spend during the application process by aggregating on;y the vital data and pre-populating the app form. Users spend nearly 50% less time during application when going through the Bank Connect experience, compared to the full aggregation process.

Fraud & Compliance

Identify potential fraud to help minimize risk exposure by verifying the user’s identity with authenticated consumer information. Bank Connect enhances risk-based procedures and automates your due diligence practices.

Key Benefits:

For Financial Institutions:

  • Increase account openings
  • Reduce orphaned account costs
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Reduce payment processing fees

For Your Customers:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Reduces application fatigue
  • Prompt confirmation and verification
  • Automatically pulls bank account and routing numbers

Less Risk, More Benefits

Extend the power of Bank Connect with Bank Boost 


With Bank Connect, customers get the seamless online banking experience they’ve come to expect, and you get access to their accounts, accurately confirming their identity and financial information. Bank Boost utilizes the same platform, allowing you to maintain bank account access for any part of the customer lifecylce, from application to underwriting, and even repayment.

Find out more about Bank Boost product.