Merchant Boost | Payment Processing
Merchant Boost is the live data solution provider equipping financial service companies with solutions that fill the gap between historical, real-time and live data information, to improve marketing, underwriting, and collections. We are transforming fintech with innovative payment instrument data and solutions, increasing credit access to the financially underserved, and reducing processing fees for borrowers and creditors.
Consumer lending, underwriting, payments, processing, financial technology, payment instrument
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Payment Processing

Financial Supply Chain Management

Financial Supply Chain Management

Selecting the right payment strategy is a critical component to any financial service provider’s business.

The right payment processor improves your customer’s journey and experience throughout the lending lifecycle. 

Strengthen your processor relationships and improve costs, productivity and efficiency with Merchant Boost’s Financial Supply Chain Management service.

Through our Financial Supply Chain Management Service, we ensure your relationship with a payment processor meets your business needs. From credit card and debit card processing to ACH, electronic bill presentment portals, complete PCI compliance, we’ve got you covered.
Whether you’re refining your existing product portfolio, introducing your first debit or credit product, trying to understand how the next generation of payment products impacts your business, or developing an omni-channel strategy, we can help. We understand your needs and will develop the best plan to help you succeed, utilizing our multifaceted experience with data and payments and leveraging our relationships.
With our Financial Supply Chain Management solution, we actively manage the payment processor, ODFI relationships, and their activities, so you can maximize value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


We have extensive experience partnering with payment facilitators. Our approach provides personalized expertise to ensure you get the right payment solution to serve your customers, grow sales, and simplify your business.


Exclusive relationships provide a wide range of capabilities to support risk and bandwidth requirements. Advanced fraud detection, risk management and ability to support card brand specialty programs.


Exclusive and direct ODFI relationships to provide sustainable servicing options. Optimized routing and returns management to minimize ACH costs.