Merchant Boost | Underwriting
Merchant Boost is the live data solution provider equipping financial service companies with solutions that fill the gap between historical, real-time and live data information, to improve marketing, underwriting, and collections. We are transforming fintech with innovative payment instrument data and solutions, increasing credit access to the financially underserved, and reducing processing fees for borrowers and creditors.
Consumer lending, underwriting, payments, processing, financial technology, payment instrument
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Verify identity, detect fraud, validate payment instruments and meet regulatory compliance requirements with real-time bank activity.

We provide lenders with a snapshot of a borrowers most recent behaviors and status.

Underwriting Live Data feeds show a total picture of a borrower at-the-moment to validate and evaluate risks from digital, financial, and regulatory sources.



Verify and aggregate your customers’ financial information quickly and securely.



Identify good and bad borrowers with a predictive score based on credit and payment risk attributes from the consumer’s bank account.



Determine an individual’s ability to repay with an FCRA compliant credit risk score based on payment instrument attributes. This non-credentialed service analyzes thousands of attributes to enhance the financial profile of the consumer.


Bank Boost leverages multiple best in suite bank aggregation technologies, advanced analytics, and creates an unrivaled user experience. The financial view into a consumer’s bank account reveals a truly independent credit risk analysis to the credit bureau scores.


Key Features


Cleansed, normalized & categorized data that is more accurate than competitor’s and easier to comprehend


Highest coverage: 30,000 banks in network with multiple connections


Provides the optimal date for processing payment

Key Benefits
  • Reduces friction and improves consumer application and documentation process
  • Reduces losses by identifying which consumers are a financial risk
  • Improves compliance and reduces scrutiny from regulators
  • Provides enhanced data, verifying identity, income source, income amount, income frequency,
    loan stacking, expense trends, ability to repay, life events, and much more


PayBoost Score quickly and conveniently analyzes the payment instrument to deliver an actionable risk score. This tool is valuable for creating visibility into consumer’s with little or no credit information available.

Key Features

Risk Score

An actionable risk score factored on attributes such as behavior, account status, transaction data and history


Real-time data provides insight into consumers that you might have declined


Data is cleansed, normalized, and categorized in an easy to access and read format.

Key Benefits
  • Increase originations from thin and no file consumers
  • Reduce friction with non-credentialed verification, improving consumer application process
  • Mitigate NACHA and Card Brand performance issues upfront
  • Reduces transaction costs
  • FCRA permissible and preferred service
  • Non-tradeline data for independent verification of risk